Cecilia Chase

Cecilia Chase began her writing career in ‘straight’ fantasy and science fiction with erotica as a hobby before taking the next logical step into fantastic and paranormal erotica. Face it, she was always going to end up there anyway.

An avid nerd, a D&D geek, Steampunk cosplay enthusiast and pansexual polyamorist, she may or may not be a trained weapons expert for the government.

Cecilia is a founding member of the Evil Genius Society and Amateur Porn Collective along with Shannon Ivy who you should totally check out because she is crazy hot – writer. I mean a crazy hot writer.


Shannon Ivy

Like scientists abducted by aliens and forced to mate with space Vikings? Tales of innocence lost among the virgin daughters of a king locked away in a cloister? Or maybe just the above average story of a savvy new female boss becoming the pawn in a sexy demon power play when she meets an incubus with a cursed cock-block for that time he might have deflowered a sacred virgin? Shannon’s smart, sexy and funny heroines will keep you reading!


Audrey Bloom

The sexy librarian of Evil Genius Society, Audrey brings her love of taboo stories for everyone to get wet over.


PC McMoot

The red-headed step-child kept locked in the attic. PC’s fevered imagination needed an outlet.