Fantastic Boobs and Where to Find Them

This is maybe not such a big shock to some of you out there. But I assumed everyone knew this and yet nobody I spoke to seemed to have connected the dots.

Katherine Waterston is kindof crazy hot.

Stay with me.

I know you may be picturing her in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them as a kindof bucktoothed uptight civil servant opposite Eddie Redmayne as he attempts to accio Oscar nomination (I’ve seen Jupiter Ascending, Redmayne, go fuck yourself).

katherine_waterston_beasts Buy guys, you guys, gaze upon this photo from Alien Covenant and tell me if her boobs don’t look a little familiar.


No? Still not seeing it? Let me help you. For you see, the woman in both the above pictures is also the sexually liberated hippy chick in Inherent Vice.


Yes, that’s right, the same actor helping stuff a niffler into Newt Scamander’s box before the muggles find out also can be seen giving Joaquin Phoenix a footjob.


And just to help you push that image out of your head I’ll leave you with a picture of her starring in The Babysitters when she was, hmmm, let’s just say 18.


Is it cold in here or is it just Katherine?

You’re welcome.






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