Sex with Disney Princesses

Owing to recent events I can no longer say I am lukewarm when it comes to lingerie. Or at least sexy matching bra+panties. I wore what can best be described as ‘sexy manager’ (not sexy secretary because, comon yo, 21st century) outfit and role-played a little innaprorpiate office romace the other night. Guys, lady-folks, I was *soaking* and he fucked me so hard I could feel it the next day.

So I’m willing to at least listen when other women share their tales of lingerie boning. Redbook featured an article where they asked women to dress up in Disney-princess themed lingerie and get some feedback. Imbedded reporting, if you will.

My favorite pull-quote? Has to be the following:

“I didn’t want to straight-up role-play, but I did try some lines from the movie to see if he would get the hint. I breathily whispered, “The cold never bothered me,” and he assumed I meant, “It’s fine, keep the windows open while we bone.” I toyed with the idea of screaming, “LET IT GO!” as he was about to climax but, honestly, some things are better left to animated princesses.”

I have to say, though, that most of the women interviewed got zero play when they wanted their guy to RP a bit of prince charming.

“… he pretty much wanted to forget about Disney and Disney princesses. He was happy that I seemed excited to be one, but he did not want to role-play or do anything involving them. I think he thought it was weird to bring a childhood thing into the bedroom like that? Either way, it was a win-win. I got to be a lingerie-clad princess and he got to see me in lingerie, which hardly ever happens.”

Guys need to up their game. I mean, if I walked in wearing this…


…my guy would be a Huntsman in a second. But then he generally has serious role-playing skillz. Maybe its all those years of Dungeons and Dragons?

My favorites are The Little Mermaid, but the assless Beauty and the Beast is so hot right now.


I can’t be the only one with a fully-formed scene of the Beast bending Emma Watson over right now… right? Guys? Anyone?

For a full pictorial of lingierie + models check out boingboing.




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