My Dream of Banging the Medic from Starcraft is One Step Closer

Guys, you guys! Remember when I discovered ASMR worked for me?

I thought only the fantasy-themed stuff would do it for me. But you know that professional gentle touch you get from a nurse or the scanner technician when you need to be implanted with an RFID chip to open the security doors at your shadowy government employer’s headquarters?

You can have that now except they treat you like a space marine!

Maybe you didn’t hear me. Someone will indulge your scifi robot sexual fantasies for free over the internets!!!

Ok, you caught me, it’s possible I was into being Vasquez from Aliens when I was a kid. And I used to click on the medic in Starcraft until she started talking dirty.

It’s like when I cosplay alienist steampunk  & patient with my partner and he hypnotizes me into revealing my shameful Victorian desires.

In fact I’m sending him this link right now. Time for him to get to work scripting our next weekend together.

Check out more of Heather Feather‘s ASMR.




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