No Mercy from the Office Amazon

Touching Myself Tuesdays is a semi-regular article describing inappropriate work fantasies.

I don’t know who is doing the staffing for the section intelligence division on the same floor of my office but I both hate and can’t hate them.

For whatever reason that division is sardine-tight with hot girls. And I mean way abnormal ratio of sweet trim. Sometimes they travel in little packs. You can’t swing a meeting-room request without tripping over a sploosh-worthy SecInt girl in the way.

Morally I find it distasteful because I know there’s one or more old boys in a senior rank padding out the division by only hiring cute young girls like his own private harem. I picture him as Immortan Joe in a plastic breastplate coveting his employees.

My appreciation of the results of this harem-building is no less despite the moral conflict I feel. God, the SecInt girls are cute. I daydream I’m redoing their security clearance and while they’re hooked up to the lie detector ask them ‘Do you want to suck my tits while I’m pumping your fur with my finger? Two fingers? Three fingers?’

But one in particular I have dubbed the ‘SecInt Amazon’ makes all sorts of conflicting things happen behind my belly button when I see her. She’s a six-foot blonde built like a Viking princess. The other day I got trapped walking up three flights of stairs directly behind her, eye-level with her ass in a tight skirt. Do you know how hard it is *not* to speculate on the color of the tiny panties you can see outlined against her perfect ass a yard in front of your face?

Fucking impossible, is the difficulty level, in case you were wondering.

Maybe it’s the physical presence of her. I can’t stop imagining how her powerful form would tower over me, gripping my chin in her hand to make me to look in her eyes while she forces my legs apart and reaches under my skirt. I don’t want her to, I’m scared of the hard beauty in her eyes. But I don’t stop her. I can only make a single whimpering protest as she tears my panties exposing my bare cunt. Slides a finger in my open mouth until I’m eagerly sucking on it like it’s her cock. Then she sighs and instead puts that wet digit to my pussy and slides up into me.

Oh god. In moments my cunt is flooding. She’s smeared my slipperiness over my clit and rapidly strokes me to come. Its torn out of me, I let out a sob, clinging to her blouse unable to hide how much I want it.

Only then does she hike up her skirt and sit back on her desk. She spreads her legs. They’re black; her tiny lace panties are black. She pulls them aside to expose her shaved cunt, already glistening wet, she’s so turned on. Oh god, she can’t mean she wants me to… not here in her office?

Her hand makes a fist in my hair as she forces my mouth up and down on her cunt. When she comes it’s like a sweet-salty rush into my mouth that runs down my chin.





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