Tentacles in the Boardroom

Touching Myself Tuesdays is a semi-regular article describing inappropriate work fantasies.


You know how when you get stuck in long, boring meetings and start fantasizing about who in the room you would fuck if the meeting were a plane that crashed on a tropical island? We all do that, right?

Well, that got too vanilla for me years ago.

Maybe it’s because my meetings can often include someone in a uniform with a sidearm but I have a recurring fantasy about tentacle monsters attacking the boardroom. Horny tentacle monsters.

Mmmph. I’m a little wet just thinking about it.

As the monsters erupt among us and panic ensues, that silver fox sergeant barely gets his gun clear of the holster before he’s disarmed, pinned down and the uniform torn away. In a little while he’s begging for more tentacle in his ass.

That hunky programmer I could definitely see myself straddling? Yeah, his gym-body is slowly stripped of his clothes. Whimpering while slippery tentacles wind around his cock and stroke him until he’s hard.

The office princess Gets a lot of special attention. The monsters pick their biggest tentacles and fill her airtight, three at a time. Teach her to find the slut that’s under that prissy exterior.

Oh, but today’s meeting that cute girl from comms was there. We get backed in a corner together, the creatures pin us down side by side. I comfort her, tell her she can take it as together we’re stripped of panties and those lusty tentacles tease our cunts. Her big eyes wide with fear so I manage to hold her hand before we’re both filled hard, stroking our g-spot and clit at the same time. In moments we’re both in ecstasy, pressed together while we’re fucked so good. Forced to take the pleasure.

Is it me or is it hot in here?

I’m fairly certain my coworkers would be shocked how I spend my time at status meetings.





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