All the Reasons I Stand With Stoya


New York Magazine has a fantastic background on the stand Stoya took against rape in the porn industry.

“What I’m doing right now is lying fallow, like a field, or hibernating like a bear — existing in a rest state,” she tells me of her self-imposed exile. “But also trying to figure out how much of myself as a human I am willing to risk. Do I want to keep investing my own time and effort in Stoya as the person in the world that other people put things onto? Because the weight of that could conceivably pass the limit of what I’m willing to go through with the resources I have at my command.”

Like a lot of people I felt betrayed when the image of the Stoya-James Deen power couple was shattered. But like a lot of things in life it’s way more complicated than the stories we make up to feel good.


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