New Release: Disciplined by the Ocultists

Rear view of a woman in black corset, studio shot

Victorian Girls in Danger Book 5

The Victorian Girls in Danger series is hard to write up in a 25-word blurb. Part Lovecraftian horror, part satire of the beloved Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, part steampunk adventure, part Victorian West. It combines steam technology with magic and is set splat in the middle of an apocryphal American Civil War that lasts well into the 1880’s.

The beauteous harem-girl leaned back on her setee and lifted her delicate ankles and spread the seat of her bottom to my studious view and then the scene changed to show not only the girl but a fine mustachioed gent also stark naked and perched as if performing calisthenics over top her recumbent form.

This was simultaneously the most vexing and most mysterious portion of the minute scene that played out within the spectral device. For the gent’s tackle was somehow engaged with her mossy treasure and he presented it back and forth, up and down, against her.

I’m fascinated by the setting of the original three books – the sinister and spy-filled world of New York as the March Sisters fight for the Secret League using guns, sorcery and steam engines. But it’s a big world and I wanted to tell the story of the Wild Frontier.

Two more tentacles, big around as my wrist, slowly grew from the man-thing’s shoulders and swayed towards me. The pillar of black oil delivered me against the wall and I was a ragdoll for a moment. Pain and a ringing of my skull against an unforgiving surface left my helpless… It gave a shiver of some sort and before I knew it the tentacles had yanked my shirt apart, tearing it at the buttons to reveal the bare skin beneath.

No… it can’t possibly…

Certain stories, not shared in polite company yet nonetheless easy to overhear in Lottie’s Saloon, described the proclivities of the shoggoths. Carnal monsters with unnatural appetites. Were such legends true?

I started with Frontier Bride: Gunslinger’s Kept Woman and now the second book on the weird west frontier is out. Disciplined by Occultists was my need to see the infamous shoggoths get in on the action. I’ve always been fascinated by tentaclebeasts and the the MC of Disciplined by Occultists gets way more than she bargained for.

The probing tip of the tentacle withdrew and although I gasped I felt a strange desire to be penetrated so again. Left on my knees I reluctantly climbed to my feet and tumbled onto the surface of the tall bed.

Shannon stood up and crossed to the wardrobe, untying the ribbons at the back of her dress and reaching for the hooks that held the collar tight. I settled on the bed and slight panic filled me. What punishment was this witch about to deliver? How? For Ah Pook’s sweet sake I had no idea what to do. If it had been a man I would let him take his pleasure. I’d watched Adelard Indigo deliver his manly instrument to this very redheaded sorceress and while it was strange and vile it did not seem unpleasant.

But a woman? What manner of immoral satisfaction could she derive from my body? Without a Jack Thompson to pierce my… juicy peach… how would the pieces fit together? I had no concept of her intention woman to woman. My imagination searched any and all such combinations …





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