New Release: Billionaire Yeti


Guys, you guys! I had *so* much fun writing my first alpha/billionaire story. The sexy, BBW adventures of a young corporate drone given the chance for an apprenticeship with the owner of the hugely successful Mi-Go Corporation. But it wouldn’t be a CC story without a twist right? I couldn’t help but think, what if the billionaire alpha was an ancient race who used to be worshipped as gods? What kind of monster would it be and what kind of love interest would he be like?

At first she shuddered in pleasure feeling the hard base of his cock. It was half-erect, laying against his thigh and she whimpered, leaning into his chest and staring down as she tugged his shorts lower trying to expose his full length.

She had to tug the shorts lower.

And lower.

Oh fuck!

Huge was an understatement. It rolled from his shorts almost entirely hard and she wondered how the poor boy found pants that fit. Bill sank down, pulling her with him, until they were on the soft, mossy surface of the path inside the hedge maze. Did she want to? While her thumbs hooked in her bikini bottoms her mind was numb. Yes. She wanted it. Had to try, anyway. She shucked the wet fabric off and exposed the dusting of hair over her proud, padded cunt.

Little known fact about me: I can’t not throw as many easter eggs in my work as possible. One of the things I’m wondering is if anybody can find all the hidden references to Yetis I sprinkled in the story. And if anyone can name the movie influence for the mansion’s shrubbery maze I’ll, um, give you a surprise!

Kitty could only watch as the yeti examined her boss. Studied every curve of her body with those huge blue eyes before his hand – the size of a dinner plate – gently caressed her cheek. Charlie closed her eyes and went stiff as he stroked her side, her tits, down to her hip and finally two of those long fingers stroked down between her legs and the executive gasped and shook in pleasure. A few more stirring circles on her cunt and Charlene went limp in his arms and when he lay her down she was relaxed. Staring up at him while biting her lip.

The man-beast loomed over her and as she watched his partly concealed cock began to enlarge to a fiendish extent. Kitty shivered watching his cock grow longer and begin to stir, bouncing upwards at a hard angle.

“Will you, will you go easy on me?”

His huge eyes only blinked at her and he stroked her cunt.

“Do you understand?” Charlene begged.

I don’t think I’m giving anything away when I tell you Billionaire Yeti has my female characters challenged to their limits by some of the biggest cocks I’ve ever written. Check it out if you want to know how it ends.











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