Still No Warning When Amazon Hides Your Work Because of a Nip Slip

First the good news!  Horn of Desire is once again available in general search on Amazon!

As mentioned my sales have been slaughtered for weeks now since my best-selling title was secretly placed on Amazon’s infamous ‘Adult’ search. This is the title that brings all the girls to the yard and with it unavailable nobody even finds the rest of my work.

The Problem

So it turns out I got hidden because the cover contained ‘adult content’. I only discovered this by emailing their support team. As soon as they told me I opened the artwork, zoomed way in and lo and beyond, the female model on the cover has a nipple visible through her wet teeshirt. First, I don’t know if this counts as nudity, but second the title was available without anyone including me even seeing the nipple for a year before it got banned.

So after throwing together some temporary cover art the work is off the ‘adult’ list. Over the next few days I’ll make a permanent fix but for now I’m just thrilled I can start repairing the damage this has caused my brand.

The Real Problem

The real issue remains the fact that Amazon made this change without feeling the need to notify me. Having no idea it had happened there was no chance to fix it. Which seems more than a little counter-productive since Amazon and I both lost money as a result. While Amazon is engaged in a life-or-death struggle to become the ant-trust poster child for online shopping it’s not feeling obligated to provide customer service to its partners. Amazon’s business model has been a willingness to lose money while they become the sole name in the business. The reward being a default monopoly like Apple, Facebook and Google have. I guess when you’re the only game in town you can dispense the pleasantries and just jam it in dry.

The lesson to be learned? Check your titles regularly, kids. Make sure you search your titles (or at least your top sellers) at least every month to make sure Amazon hasn’t secretly put them on the kill list. Probably the fastest way to do this is make sure all your titles are linked on your author page and then check the author page to make sure it displays all your work.





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