What to Do with a Hot Germaphobe

Touching Myself Tuesdays is a semi-regular article describing inappropriate work fantasies .


I feel bad about not being a better feminist but I want to hate-fuck the uptight hot girl two desks over from me.

Aside from being an insufferable princess and generally a selfish cunt, she’s a complete germaphobe and I can’t help thinking about making her lick my stilettos.

That pristine dress bunched up as she gets on her hands and knees. That perfectly managed hair dragged on the work-carpet. Her pink tongue stretching out to polish my six inch heels while her cheek is pressed to the ground.

I’m not talking about some soft-focus fantasy where she’s wearing a French maid costume and forced to crawl around, either. I’m talking about fucking her tight ass prison-styles with my strapon while she’s bent over in handcuffs. One of the things about working in an office where you have access to genuine interrogation rooms is the sheer distraction of how I’d use them recreationally.

“Are you going to brag about how the guy at the commissary gives you free donuts anymore?”

(muffled choking sobs with a dildo in the back of her throat)

“I didn’t hear that. Is it because you’re choking on my cock?”

(nods furiously, immaculate mascara running in lines down her cheeks)

Ahhh, there’s a certain symmetry to how hard she would come with my fist in her pussy.





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