Double-Teamed by Unicorns?

Hello all you wonderful degenerate fans!

You may notice a new title in the Unicorn series has popped up. And then been disappointed that it seems to be a reprint of the original.

Before you form a lynch mob (line forms on the left btw) please let me explain.

As I recently mentioned, Unicorn: Horn of Desire got hidden from search results on Amazon’s infamous ‘Adult’ list. One of the few options available to me is a straight-up re-publish of the story with a different title so it flies under the radar as Unicorn: Craving for Horn.

The pros to this are:

  • Viewable under a general search

The cons are:

  • None of the reviews or ranking are attached to the new title
  • It looks like I’m trying to scam purchasers


I sincerely hope this is a temporary measure and trust me I am as frustrated with Amazon’s antics as you are.

While I’m here does anyone care to comment on my ‘break-glass-in-emergency’ plan to republish Horn of Desire so the unicorns shift during any sexy times?





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